Next-CSP took part in the 26th edition of SolarPACES from September 28 to October 2, 2020 (online) with 4 papers, 1 poster and a virtual booth.

You can download the presentations below:

MW-Scale Prototype of the Fluidized Particles-in-Tube Solar Receiver. Design, Control and First Experiments at Themis Tower

Alex Le Gal, Benjamin Grange, Gilles Flamant (CNRS-PROMES)

Download: AbstractPresentation

Simulation of the Next-CSP Solar Loop Including a Hybrid Gas Turbine

Benjamin Grange, Alex Le Gal, Gilles Flamant (CNRS-PROMES)

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• Comparison of Simulated and Measured Flux Distributions at the Aperture of the Next-CSP Solar Receiver

Benjamin Grange, Antoine Perez, William Baltus, Alex Le Gal, Gilles Flamant (CNRS-PROMES)

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High-Performance Stellio Heliostat for High Temperature Application

Thomas Keck, Vanessa Schönfelder, Bernd Zwingmann, Fabian Gross, Markus Balz, Frederic Siros, Gilles Flamant (sbp gmbh, main author)

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Next-CSP Concept with Particle Receiver Applied to a 150 MWe Solar Tower

Frédéric Siros, Benoît Valentin, Bo Liu, Jan Baeyens, Gilles Flamant (EDF, main author)

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• Poster: Manufacturing the Main Components of the Next-CSP Project Solar Pilot Plant

Ken Whittaker (Whittaker Engineering)

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Next-CSP Virtual Booth at SolarPACES 2020