Next-CSP participated in the 25th edition of SolarPACES, which took place in Daegu, South Korea from 1 to 4 October 2019.

SolarPACES is one of the most important international annual event in the field of concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems. It offers a wide forum for research, industry, politic, financing stakeholders as well as leading world experts from 40 countries.

CNRS-PROMES and IMDEA, two Next-CSP partners, both gave a presentation during SolarPACES 2019:

  • CNRS-PROMES (Main author: Alex Le Gal), Particle flow and heat transfer in fluidized bed-in-tube solar receivers. Available for download: PresentationAbstractSubmitted paper
  • IMDEA (Main author: Miguel A. Reyes-Belmonte), Integrated Solar Combined Cycle using particles as heat transfer fluid and thermal energy storage medium for flexible electricity dispatch. Available for download: PresentationAbstract.
  • CNRS-PROMES (Main author: Pierre-Henri Defieux), Hybrid optical method for characterizing a heliostat field in a concentrated solar power plant
  • SBP (Main author: Vanessa Schönfelder), Application of SbpRAY for Simulation and Optimization of a Heliostat Field and Cavity Receiver

Also, Next-CSP shared a booth in the exhibition area with other CSP projects funded under Horizon 2020, which gave us the opportunity to further network and present the project to interested participants.

The next edition of SolarPACES should take place in Albuqueque, New Mexico (USA) from September 29 to October 2 2020.

H2020 CSP Projects booth at SolarPACES 2019