After 58 months of collaborative research, Next-CSP came to an end on 31 July 2021. We would like to thank all the partners for working together on this important project as well as the CSP community for the support and interest!

As a way of conclusion, you can find below all the relevant reports and documents of interest regarding the project.


31 deliverables from 10 work packages have been produced in the course of the project. You can consult them here either in their full version (if public) or as summaries (if confidential).


16 papers were publications in international scientific journals, 8 of them being in Open Access. Also, the project features in several conference proceedings, including 4 editions of SolarPACES. Discover all the scientific publications and conference proceedings here.


If you have missed our last events, visit our YouTube Channel! In the programme: the online final Infoday, our last webinar as well as videos about the project and partners’ interviews.