Next-CSP organised its final InfoDay on 8 July 2021. Due to Covid-19, the event was hybrid: both virtual and onsite. More than 50 people took part and showed great interest in the project!

If you missed the event, no problem: the replay of the InfoDay is now online on YouTube. Discover the innovative technologies for Concentrated Solar Power and the main results of the project!

In the programme (some presentations are also available for download):

  • 0:00 Welcome address – Laura De Nale (Euronovia, France)
  • 1:30 Concentrated solar power in particles: concepts and challenges – Gilles Flamant (CNRS-PROMES, France) – PPT Presentation
  • 34:37 Particles in solar heat capture, heat storage and heat recovery – Renaud Ansart (INPT, France) and Jan Baeyens (EPPT, Belgium)
  • 1:02:45 Construction and commissioning of the complete solar and heat conversion loops at Themis solar tower – Ken Whittaker (Whittaker Engineering, UK) – PPT Presentation
  • 1:26:52 First operation results in the Next -CSP prototype – Alex Le Gal (CNRS-PROMES, France)
  • 1:52:05 Scaling -up the Next-CSP concept at commercial size: High efficiency conversion cycles – Manuel Romero (IMDEA Energy, Spain) – PPT Presentation
  • 2:19:50 Scaling -up the Next-CSP concept at commercial size: Positioning of CSP in Future Electricity Networks – Frédéric Siros (EDF, France) – PPT Presentation
  • 2:58:58 Q&A and closing session