Next-CSP has been included in the Results Pack on “Solar Heat for Power and Industry“, published by the European Commission on Cordis late August 2020.

The article, entitled “Fluidised particles turn up the heat in a novel solar power design“, has been published in 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish).

A Results Pack is a thematic collection of Horizon 2020 project results tailored to the needs of specialised audiences who can further exploit them. The projects featured in this Results Pack, including Next-CSP and 8 other CSP projects, have successfully risen to meet the H2020 societal energy challenge, focusing on technologies that help reduce costs and increase performance of solar thermal plants.

According to the Commission, their objectives are in line with the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan), specifically the Implementation Plan for CSP, which aims to maintain (or regain in some cases) the EU’s global leadership on low-carbon technologies.