The European Commission has published the second Periodic Report of Next-CSP, which reviews the advancements achieved during the first 36 months of the project.

Next-CSP, which was launched in Octobre 2016, underwent its second review. The Periodic Reporting for period 2 (M18 to M36) was approved and has been published on the Cordis website. It presents the work performed and main results achieved so far, such as:

  • A critical analysis of best-adapted type of particles for the process,
  • The preparation of the heliostat field of the Themis solar tower (107 54 m2-heliostats) and of the solar flux control at the focus,
  • The study of fluidized particle flow and heat transfer in a single tube using numerical simulations and an experimental campaign,
  • The development of a tool for assessing thermodynamic cycles with efficiency of approximately 50% compatible with the targeted particles temperature (750-800°C),
  • The manufacturing and installation of the complete solar pilot system atop the Themis tower,
  • The design of a commercial scale power plant accounting for the constraint on the limited size of a single solar receiver.

You can consult the publishable summary of the 2st Periodic Report (RP2) on the Cordis website here. It as also available for download in PDF below.