The Next-CSP project has been approved and funded by the European Commission through the H2020 framework programme and the specific call : LCE-07-2016-2017 – Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling

You can have more information on the project on our website but also on the EC website :

The project started on the 1st of October 2016 and will end on the 30th of September 2020 (4 years in total).

The aim of the project is to improve the reliability and performance of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants through the development and integration of a new technology based on the use of high temperature (800°C) particles as heat transfer fluid and storage medium. To achieve this objective, the project will demonstrate the technology in a relevant environment (TRL5) and at a significant size (4 MWth). The complete system will be tested at “Thémis” experimental solar tower facility (France).