Two important meetings for the management of Next-CSP took place in December 2019:

  • On Wednesday 18 December 2019: the Review Meeting of the project with Next-CSP’s project officer from the European commission
  • On Thursday 19 December 2019: an internal Exploitation Workshop focusing key exploitable results to maximise the project’s impacts.

Both meetings were held in Brussels, Belgium at the CNRS office.

Below, you can download the presentations of the Review Meeting organised by Work Package:

  • Overview of the main achievements during the 2nd reporting period and lessons learnt (CNRS-PROMES) > Link
  • WP1 – Task 1.2: Experimental verification of the particle flow in the receiver tubes (EPPT) > Link
  • WP1 – Task 1.3: Modeling of particle suspension in receiver Tube (INPT) > Link
  • WP1 – Task 1.4: Tube wall to particle suspension heat transfer for various tube geometry and solid flow conditions (CNRS-PROMES) > Link
  • WP1 – Task 1.5: Particle handling issues in large scale facilities (EPPT) > Link
  • WP2 – Task 2.1: Preparation of the Themis solar field (CNRS-PROMES) > Link
  • WP2 – Task 2.2 and 2.3: Techno-Economic Optimization| Heliostat Field Layout (SBP) > Link
  • WP3: Detailed design of the pilot high temperature solar loop and of the heat transfer conversion loop > Link
  • WP3 – Task 3.1: Design Parameters (COMESSA) > Link
  • WP4 – Construction and commissioning of the complete solar and heat conversion loops at Themis solar tower > Link
  • WP4: Cavity Design and Manufacture (CNRS-PROMES) > Link
  • WP5 – Task 5.5: Development of an engineering model based on experimental results (CNRS-PROMES) > Link
  • WP6: Assessment of the highly efficient thermodynamic cycles that can be combined with the high temperature solar loop (IMDEA) > Link
  • WP7 – Scale-up to a 150 MW solar power plant (EDF R&D) > Link
  • WP8 – Environmental Assessment (KU Leuven) > Link
  • WP9 – Dissemination and Exploitation (Euronovia) > Link
  • WP10 – Project Management (CNRS-PROMES) > Link
  • Overview and timetable of the Next-CSP project activities for the 3rd Reporting period (CNRS-PROMES) > Link